Website Hosting

Dedicated or Shared?

  • Dedicated website hosting means you have your own server (a storage facility online where your website will be stored) where it is not shared with any other companies. This is the most secure and boasts the fastest speeds for your website. However, this is the most expensive ranging from £55 – £150 excl. VAT per month.
  • Shared hosting is where your online storage area will be shared by other businesses (websites). This reduces the speed of your site but is perfect for smaller companies and even personal websites. The price for a shared plan ranges from £5 – £10 excl. VAT per month.
  • So, as we can see, shared website hosting is the cheapest option and in most cases, it is the best option to choose. Web hosting is offered when you purchase a domain name usually so you might even already have a hosting package.
  • Shared hosting would be my recommendation to you if you have never host a website before. The hosting company then has the responsibility to maintain all of it’s servers to ensure that your website performs well.
  • Feel free to pop into our Crawley office to discuss your options further or contact us


Web Hosting

Trusted Hosting

We use a well reputable and trusted company for our hosting. Formerly 1& they have since merged with IONOS. We also use SiteGround for our UK customers, this provides you with a UK server meaning quicker response times for your website.

You can buy your own hosting package from them or alternatively we can do this for you, be it a dedicated server or a shared one.

All plans come with an SSL Certificate, most websites will now need one of these to comply with the new GDPR ruling, plus, it also shows visitors that their information is being passed securely.

If you have you own hosting package from another company or even your own dedicated server, this too is fine. We can upload all relevant files that makes up your website and place them onto your preferred server.

Other hosting providers include BlueHost, Hostinger, iPage, HostGator and so on.