• Most shopping is done online now and so an e-commerce website provides you with the functionality of being able to sell your products online.
  • Quickly sell products and list products safely and securely without the need for a physical shop saving time and money.
  • You don’t need to be selling physical items either. An e-commerce website allows you to sell virtual products too such as information, software and services.
  • Having an online shop can work in conjunction with your shop (if you have one). Most businesses that have a shop will also sell their products online too.
  • People want convenience now and there’s nothing more convenient than ordering online.



What You Can Do

We can design your website shop for you and provide training on how to manage it, such as, uploading pictures and assigning them to a product, creating a description and even giving your products options.

You then manage this yourselves, that way you can keep track of product stock and how well the business is doing. However, if this is a bit too much, there is another option for you where we could manage this for you.

What We Can Do

This option means you require a little help and that’s fine. For a fee, we would manage this for you taking away the pressure. This can be changed at any time. If you feel you have more time now you could then manage this yourselves.

We are here to help you, not to run your business, so any help we can give you regarding managing your shop we will be more than happy to help.