Computer Desk

Website Design

  • Nject are a small team of dedicated web designers based in Crawley who will give you a website perfect for your needs. Our clients range currently from mid range to personal websites.
  • Our process takes you from the initial discussion to final design and publishing ensuring your input all the way through.
  • At Nject, we prefer the personal touch and are always happy to meet with you to discuss your requirements further.


Web Design Process

Stage 1

Firstly, we go through your requirements. What will the website be used for? (Advertising / selling etc). From there, we will establish an initial design with your input (colour schemes / pictures / forms / content). Then once we have an understanding of what your require we will move onto the next stage.

Stage 2

Secondly, your ideas will then be transferred to a staging site for you to have a look through. From here you can lets u know about any amendments you would like to make. This can be picture changes, colour changes or even layout etc.

We will make all the necessary changes to your website and ask to to review it again. This process can be repeated but generally only a few changes will be needed.

Stage 3

Thirdly. Here is where all of your functionality will take place such as registering pages, a shop, automatic emailing and much more.

You will then be invited to once again have a play around and even test some of the functions if you like. Once you are 100% happy with everything we will then be ready to move to the final stage.

Stage 4

It is here where your new website will come off of our staging area and be moved to a hosting location of your choice or with us if you prefer. Your site will now be live and ready to go. A few tweaks can still be made at this stage if necessary and also updates as required. Please see our retainer package for further details.