Project information

What We Did

Nject were contacted by Madeira Villas to advertise their 2 luxury villas they have to rent in Madeira. They wanted customers to be able to book either of their villas and let customers see each villas availability.



Madeira Villas has a unique booking system that also uses an API that synchronises both calendars with calendars on other websites where they have both of their villas advertised.

The booking form allows you to select either villa or an either-villa option, family members, dates and any special requirements you might have.

A bespoke, clean, responsive design was created for Madeira Villas that lists all amenities for both of their villas.

You can easily see the availability of each and book through the website ensuring your stay. Nearby facilities and places to visit are also located on the website. We have given them the option of having customer reviews on the relevant pages so new customers can see reviews left real customers.

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